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Our Service Dear Customers,

Our company has been cooperating with the best, the most widely known and the most competent publishers from Poland for over 30 years, specialising in Polish culture, history, economy, linguistics, art, science and other fields which are interesting for scholars. We provide exceptional customer service tailored to the needs of each client. Lexicon is well-known for quick delivery, good communication and unique expertise. Our materials are objective, credible and present a holistic view of Poland, its history and present.


  • Approval Plans – we have long experience in supplying books within the framework of approval plans. We follow our customers’ guidelines such as budget, preferred disciplines, dates of publication, scholarly level and so on. On the basis of a profile sent to us, we select best quality materials to meet our clients’ needs. Our selections are relevant, which is confirmed by low return rates. You can rely on our full assistance in setting up and implementation of approval plans. We are flexible and open to your needs.
  • Marc21 descriptions – we provide our clients with Marc21 records. It saves time, reduces technical service costs and shortens the process of getting materials by users.
  • Catalogues – we issue our catalogues every two weeks, each time presenting approximately 200 new titles. Our experienced team selects them carefully, according to our partners’ requirements.
  • Special Needs – archive and antiquarian materials, leaflets, rare books, maps, movies, conference materials, journal binding and much more – we are well known for delivering materials impossible to get anywhere else. 

Approval Plans

adjusted to your requirements
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Marc21 records, journal binding
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Special Needs

archive and antiquarian materials, leaflets, rare books, maps, movies
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Great selection, professional service, friendly attitude – that is why we constantly choose Lexicon.

Librarian from Germany

What I like the most in Lexicon, comparing with other distributors, is their expertise at cataloguing and selection of content which is of vital importance for our users, e.g. Judaica or modern history of Poland.

American University Librarian